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T2 Lines are now almost impossible to obtain. Companies typically provide T1, T3, and T4 lines, skipping over T2. The T2 line consisted of 4 T1 lines, which was the equivalent of 96 voice channels.

Today, if you need more than a T1 line you simply order several T1 lines. If your needs are much larger than a T1 can provide you can order a T3 line.

T1 vs T3 Lines

The digital capacity of a plain old telephone service (POTS) line is 64 Kbs. There are 8000 timing bits added, so the actual throughput is 56 Kbps. This is enough to carry a single voice call or to connect a 56 Kbs modem. The POTS line is an analog line; it transmits and receives analog or sound-based signals.

A T1 line is a pure digital line. Conversations are converted (at a PBX) from analog (sound) to digital before being transmitted on the T1 line.

The T1 line can handle 24 simultaneous voice calls. (24 simultaneous voice calls can satisfy anywhere from 24 to well over 100 office workers, depending on their calling patterns.)

Sometimes one of the 24 lines is dedicated to caller ID; this line is usually connected to a computer that looks up customer records that are routed to the computer of the person taking the call.

A T1 line can handle a high speed Internet connection speed of 1.544 Mbps.

Or, as an integrated service it can handle a combination of fewer voice calls with some bandwidth given to Internet connections.

A T3 line is also a pure digital line. It is the equivalent of 28 T1 lines or 672 POTS lines.

A T3 line can handle 672 simultaneous voice calls or provide a high speed Internet connection of 44.736 Mbps. As an integrated service, it can handle a combination of fewer voice calls and provide high speed Internet connections. The T3 is typically used by high end data and voice customers.

Monthly costs for T1 and T3 lines vary, primarily depending on the distance from your local phone company's Customer Office. As a very rough comparison we can say a T1 might cost $500 per month while a T3 might cost $4,000 per month.

Signal / LineCapacity (Kbps)Equivalent Phone Lines
DS0 (Phone Line)641
DS1 (T1)1,54424
DS3 (T3)44,736672

Whether you are looking for DSL, T1, T3, muliple or fractional T1, our quote service can provide immediate quotes for your evaluation. You will save money by comparing detailed proposals that meet your specific needs. You will save time by receiving rapid quotes that you can easily evaluate.

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T1 Line short form

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A T1 line can provide voice, data, as well as integrated voice and data communications. Many small businesses find this saves money compared to individual phone lines.

A T1 line is a digital line connecting your site to another site, such as the junction switch to the national phone network.

We can provide full T1, fractional T1, multiple T1, or T3 connections at the lowest price available.

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